Student University At Widyatama

So, to suitable from the title, i will disscuss about student university at Widyatama. Absolutely this is my campus ;D.Oke back to the point, Unniversitas Widyatama located in Bandung,West Jawa Indonesia, Widyatama has more than 2500 student. Not only from Bandung Universitas Widyatama have many student from outside Bandung, like from Jakarta,Medan,Tangerang,Serang,Solo, etc.

Universitas Widyatama already have a lot of experience in running educational foundations. since the first until now, the University Widyatama own about 5 faculty, which consists of the Faculty of Business and Management, Faculty of Economics, Faculty of engineering, Faculty of Languages ​​and the last of the Faculty of Visual Communication Design.For accreditation that has been achieved, Faculty of Business and Management has been accredited, as well as to the faculty of Economics. Meanwhile, the other accredited B. this is what makes the University Widyatama in trust by the public, be a good educational facilities for the college level. Additionally, Unniversitas Widyatama is a campus that provides the Student Activity Unit are very diverse, ranging from entrepreneurship, martial arts, photography, art,,sports etc.

In choosing the university we have to becarefull because this is concerning our future. If you are choose a wrong option ,this is will have an impact on our future, example for looking a job, applying what we’ve learned in real life. So it is very important for looking the best university for our future. As we know University Widyatama has a good rating in society and have decades of experience in producing high quality graduates who benefit the wider community. Universitas Widyatama already have a lot of experience in running educational foundations. For me University Widyatama is good for learning that support furnished facilities like a one of big and completely library i’ve been seen,and many activities whos support student for develop their ability in out academy. Provision of facilities for learning cutting-edge and innovative, supported facility information and communication technologies to the learning process and access to academic information including web-based service that is e-learning, e-library, e-journal and placement office (employment) as a full service studies for graduates , All services are accessible on the internet campus locations, and Wi-Fi hotspots are provided free of charge. Facilities TV station (the main TV) for community, social networking (Twitter: and FacebookUTama: University Widyatama) and tabloid newspapers / magazines (community) as a medium of information dissemination campus.
Many universities are ignoring this. So that the student can not produce a good quality and beneficial to the surrounding areas.In addition to the University Wisyatama implement things like the above, Here students are asked to become actively involved in creating quizzes and tests by building some (or all) of the questions for the exam. This exercise can be assigned for homework and itself evaluated (perhaps for extra credit points). In asking students to think about the exam questions, we encourage them to think more deeply about the course material and to explore the main theme, comparative views presented, applications, and other high-level thinking skills. After the suggested questions are collected, the instructor can use as the basis of the review session, and / or for the most effective model questions. Furthermore, you can ask students to discuss the merits of sample questions; in discussing the question, they will significantly increase their engagement on the material to supply answers. students may be asked to discuss some aspects of two different questions on the same material including degree of difficulty, effectiveness in assessing their learning, proper scope of questions.

What a banefit if we lecture ? Personally for me , formal education is the only way to develop  mindset .Same as the level of previous schools , a student educated for stronger .Should a student be at the level of maturity different with high school students , junior high school , primary school even kindergarten .In addition information , maturity not always is directly proportional with age. Education as the proces develop mindset were something a sure thing happened .Could not we estimate that the think forward more come from the formal education , than the contrary .Progress that get on various fields such as economic , social , culture , state insight and others .The point , mindset forward is everything that leaves people stepped forward .Mindset forward and these that make men to grow civilized .When i was primary or junior high school , someone are often use the muscles to resolve the conflict .So supposed to be in the level of higher education , prosentase the use of the muscle it should at least or nothing at all .When many humans use reason to solve the problems , he will be more civilized.

What about that is not a lecture ? Not college is no made someone are human low with mindset not go forth .Not , it is not like that .Is the hell , indonesians still glorify degree , so as to make some of us are not confident if not college .But the essence college itself is not to the title , as the discussion i was before .Will be useless someone who have a along train but pattern he thought not forward. Therefore for you not college because any cause, no need to disheartened.Also a lot of success not college.Of success of someone does not occur purely because her title, but in patterns of thought and its purpose.Both of these can learn, though not on the bench college though.And many successful first new college to get a degree. Can believe that they were is haji in in islam .The cost is large , eat time and required for capable of .But in implementing haji , we forbidden forced himself .So it is with college , if it does can in college for a given cause it doesnt need to forced himself .College does not guarantee you got a job and live good , still another thing that must be fulfilled namely tenacity and creativity.

And this is my opinion about student life in lecture, thanks for your attention and enjoy your life 🙂



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