The workshops and PKM held by Dikti was one of the sympathetic programs to provide opportunities for students to develop skills and creativity in areas that had been provided.

There was a new rule issued by Dikti this year, it was different from the previous years. The proposal of PKM should be done by on-line from now on. This was done as an innovation because students’ enthusiasm throughout Indonesia so high so hard copy of PKM collected at Dikti’s office reached thousand proposals.

Through on-line system, there are several advantages that will save over the cost of submission, fasten the submission, and it is more effective. On-line submission will be carried out from November, as it was still trying to give the new system of Dikti a policy of proposalsubmission, if you get some difficulties, you may freely contact Dikti.

PKM was composed of several categories such as Research (PKM P), Applied Technology (PKM T), Entrepreneurship (PKM K), Community Service (PKM M), Writing(PKM KT), Scientific Article (PKM AI), and Written Idea (PKM GT).

In the previous years when there were students who propose for PKM  then in the next year, they might apply for PKM. It also applied to other categories on the condition that there was continuity between the proposals that had been made ​​and will be made. The proposal that had been sent will be corrected by the experts in their respective fields.

There are some considerations that were carried out by Dikti, those were creative ideas and scientific basis, methodology, as well as its significance of information for the advancement of science. Oni hoped students in Malang would be granted into national level and be able to produce excellent work.

The proposal raised / event about 300 proposals. The number was doubled compared to last year. This showed an increase that University students were motivated to follow the PKM program. “Any proposal that qualify would be funded for amount 9-10 million rupiahs per proposal,”

Graduate school High required to have academic knowledge, skill of thinking, management skill, and communication skills. Disadvantages on sa was one of the to four skill / proficiency can lead to reduced Her quality of graduates. Synergism will be reflected through the ability of graduates in finding speed solutions to problem faces. Behavior and thoughts are shown to be be constructive realistic, Means creative (unique and useful) and can be realized. Ability to think and act creatively in fact do every especially humans who enjoy higher education. Creativity is incarnation integrative from three main factors in man, namely: thoughts, feelings, and skills. In the factor there is imagination, perception and reason.

Feelgood factor consists of emotions, aesthetics and harmony. While the skill factor containing talent, physiology and experience. Thus, to allow students to achieve creative level, third faktor referred aligned to be optimal in an activity named Student Creativity Program(PKM). PKM was first held in 2001, ie after the implementation of the restructuring program of the Directorate General of Higher Education environment. Education, research and community service that has been loaded with the active participation of students, integrated into a vehicle, namely CRP. PKM is developed to deliver students to achieve the level of enlightenment of creativity and innovation based on the mastery of science and technology and high faith. In order to prepare to be the leader of the scholars, entrepreneurs and independent-minded and wise, students are given the opportunity to implement the knowledge, skills, attitude, responsibility, build teamwork and develop independence through creative activities in the field of science that is occupied.

The results of monitoring and evaluation ratings PKM 5 fields, combined with the value of the proposal / proposal  and the progress report  will be decisive for each team PKM 5 fields to otherwise qualify are invited to PIMNAS. Special PKMGT, the ratings will be decisive value PIMNAS invitation. Director General of Higher establish PKM invited Tim PIMNAS who subsequently announced Dirditlitabmas. Tim PKM 5 fields are invited to upload the required PIMNAS scientific articles PKM activity results in Lampiran9 follow format. Scientific articles of participants PIMNAS be one component in PIMNAS grade ratings. Each year, the Directorate of Higher Education set PIMNAS organizers. Direktoratakan to coordinate the implementation of the College PIMNAS PIMNAS organizers. In each implementation PIMNAS will be determined the overall winner, the champion of each class champion PKM and posters.

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